Shipbuilding Contract Between Tallink Grupp And Rauma Marine Constructions Enters Into Force

AS Tallink Grupp and Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) recently signed the contract for the construction of a new LNG-powered fast ferry for the Tallinn  Helsinki route shuttleoperations, which enters into force today.

Similarly to the group’s newest vessel Megastar, the new shuttle ferry will also be dual fuel operated, its overall length will be approximately 212 metres and it will be able to carry 2,800 passengers.  The vessel will cost approximately 250 million euros and it will be built at the Rauma shipyard in Finland, providing approximately 1,500 man-years of employment for the shipyard. The delivery of the vessel is expected in January 2022.

The new vessel is another step for Tallink Grupp towards achieving even greater energy efficiency and eco-friendliness for its shipping operations. The new shuttle ferry, with a gross tonnage of approximately 50,000 and a service speed of 27 knots, will use LNG as fuel and meet all the current and known future emission regulations.

In comparison with the group’s latest vessel , the new ferry will have a larger passenger area with more seating, more crew cabins and, from a technical point of view, powerful shore connection, 30% larger LNG fuel tanks, reducing the frequency of bunkering of the vessel. Further with enhanced new design, the CO2 emissions of new shuttle ferry can be reduced by 10%.

New shuttle ferry will also benefit from the recently signed cooperation agreement with Tallinn Technical University, the aim of which is to develop innovative Smart Car deck solutions for the group’s vessels to enhance the loading and unloading operations and make them compatible with the already existing Smart Port solutions at the Port of Tallinn.

According to the contract, 30 percent of the total cost will be paid during the construction period and the rest after the delivery of the vessel. AS Tallink Grupp plans to finance 70 percent of the new ship cost in 2022 by long-term loan, the loan terms will be concluded in the near future.

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