Chart Commissions 4th Gasum LNG/LCNG Fueling Station in Finland

Chart is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of a fourth permanent fueling station for natural gas vehicles close to Helsinki Vantaa airport , which is now open to the public and has served its first customers. The public station, owned and operated by indigenous gas sector expert Gasum, is further helping to develop the country’s natural gas vehicle fueling infrastructure alongside its other Chart designed and built counterparts in Helsinki Vuosaari, Turku and Jyväskylä.

LNG/LCNG fueling station, image from Gasum Ltd.

Commenting on this latest addition to the fueling network, Mr. Pavel Mátl, Business Director Chart Ferox, said, “Chart shares the view that natural gas will play an increased role in the transport sector. Strict emissions targets and concerns about CO2 footprint, mean that LNG/LBG is fast becoming accepted as the future fuel for heavy haulage vehicles. It’s very exciting to see the commitment of major truck OEMs, through the availability of modern LNG powered vehicles, and progressive companies, like Gasum, investing in the fueling infrastructure to keep demand and supply in tandem.”

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