Alexela to open first LNG fuel station in the Baltics

In November, Alexela is planning to open LNG fuel station in Jüri, first of its kind in the Baltic region. 

LNG is more and more used in the world as a fuel for heavy goods vehicles. Its main advantage in the transport sector – lower level of air pollution than diesel and significantly lower price – approximately up to 25 000 Euros a year per vehicle, which is a big plus for freight carriers. The importance of reducing air pollution has already become critical for the whole transport sector. Rather severe air emission limits, which until now were applied only to passenger cars, are according to the proposal of the European Commission on May 17, considered to establish also on heavy goods vehicles. In addition, Europe has set a goal to link cost of tolls with air emissions. All these steps are related to an ambitious plan of shifting the whole transport sector to cars with zero and low CO2 emission.

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